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Joe's Yard

With a sound as sultry as a summer afternoon, Joe gracefully wraps his voice around the smooth, R&B melodies on his Jive debut release "All That I Am." From the playfully seductive "Good Girls," and the sweet "I Want To Know" Joe's answer to Whitney Houston's "Shoop Shoop" from "Waiting To Exhale" to the heartbreaking beauty of "You Should Have Told Me You've Got A Man," Joe generates sparks of emotional electricity, through both his words and music.

"I want to bring out more romance in R&B," he says. "I love to write songs with sweet melodies; songs that are going to be sketched into a person's mind in pure feelings.

"Joe's lyrics reveal a man who's searching for answers to the most essential romantic questions; particularly one who's trying to understand a female's point of view. "I love women and appreciate the role they play in my life," he says. "I'm trying to broaden the music's perspective on love and relationships, to bring some idealism and fantasy to it.

"Music has always been a central part of Joe's life. The son of two preachers, Joe was always singing, playing guitar or directing the choir in his parents Pentecostal Church in Opelika, Alabama. Gospel greats like Commission, the Winans, the Clark Sisters and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, as well as soul legends Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke provided constant inspiration. However, it wasn't until Joe discovered Bobby Brown, Guy and Keith Sweat that he recognized his own calling; as a singer and a songwriter.

"By the time I was 16, I was playing in a 7-piece band in local clubs from 9p.m. Until 4a.m., covering Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown and Babyface tunes," he says, "I was like a DJ, a vocal DJ."


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