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You probably remember him as David Alllen Grier's fashionably challenged, mushroom wearing, father in Boomerang or as Ice Cube's outrageously funny, dog-catching dad in Friday and Next Friday. One thing's for sure…once you've seen John Witherspoon, you fully understand how he earned his reputation as one of America's funniest father's ever. From coining such catch-phrases as "Bang!Bang!Bang!" and "You Gotta Co-ordinate", to bringing to life some of the most hilarious, unforgettable characters, Witherspoon continues to reel in audiences with his side-splitting performances and off-the-cuff humor.

On the big screen Witherspoon has starred alongside some of the biggest and brightest funny-men in the business including, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence and Tim Meadows. His roles in Little Nicky, The Ladies Man, Friday, Next Friday, Boomerang, Vampire in Brooklyn, House Party and Hollywood Shuffle are arguably some of the most hilarious bits of comedy to date. The Orange County Register describes the comedian/actor as being in a class of his own. "Witherspoon is one of those performers who doesn't need a funny line to be funny. Just standing there in a truculent posture with a suspicious look, he is funny and enlivens every scene he's in."

No stranger to the world of television, Witherspoon has logged some serious time in front of small screen cameras, appearing in an impressive list of TV projects spanning over the last two decades including, his five year stint starring as Pops on The WB's sitcom, The Wayans Brothers and appearing in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Martin Lawrence Show, Living Single, The Incredible Hulk, The Richard Pryor Show, Hill Street Blues, Good Times, and WKRP in Cincinnati, to name a few. An ingenious veteran of more than 25 films, with at least 30 television cameos and countless appearances on smash shows such as, The David Letterman Show, BET's 106th & Park, Live in LA and HBO"s Def Comedy Jam, Witherspoon has cracked the world up with his cunning wit and show-stopping comedy.

Emerging from a fiery stand-up comic to becoming one of the most sought after comedians in film and television, Witherspoon has portrayed some of the funniest characters ever invented and has earned a coveted spot as a Hollywood mainstay and a regular-scene stealer on both the big and small screens alike. In the midst of a string of upcoming projects, Witherspoon most recently wrapped up The Friday After Next (the third installment of the Friday series), is currently touring the US with his uproarious stand-up tour, and is putting the finishing touches on an album, slated for release later this year.

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