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In the past four years, Larenz Tate has had five big films, last year staring in "Love Jones". "Love Jones" is Larenz's biggest film so far. He has also appeared on many television sitcom's. He appeared on the CBS's Christmas Episode of "The Twilight Zone". This lead to his excellent television career. Larenz is a very young actor, 22, and will probably become even more popular and noticed in the future.

Larenz Tate is the youngest of three brothers. He was born in 1975 and grew up in Los Angeles. Both of his brothers are also in show business. His middle brother, Lahmard, is an actor and his older brother, Larron, writes screen plays. Larenz found his way to the stage and discovered his love for acting at L.A.'s Inner City Cultural Center. This attracted the attention of Hollywood agents who signed them all and started their professional acting careers. When Larenz was younger, he appeared on a Christmas Episode of CBS's 1980's update of "The Twilight Zone". This is what led him to guest apear on "21 Jump Street" and star in the television sitcom "South Central".

In addition to his films, Larenz has made television appearances on "The New Twilight Zone", "Family Matters", "Matlock", "21 Jump Street", "The Wonder Years", and "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". In 1991 he was a regular on the CBS series, "Royal Family", starring Redd Foxx and Della Reese. Larenz worked on NBC's "New Attitude" and starred in the FOX Television drama series, "South Central".

In Larenz's first movie, "Menace II Society", he plays the character of an out-of-control, trigger-happy "O-Dog". Jada Pinkett also stars in this 1993 release. His second movie, a 1994 film, he plays the part of a teenager, "Drew", who battles his own emotions in the coming-of-age drama, "The Inkwell". Jada Pinkett also plays a part in this film. "Dead Presidents", a 1995 release, is Larenz's third movie. He plays a Vietnam War veteran. On March 14, 1997 his biggest film, "Love Jones", was released. He plays Darius Lovehall, a Chicago native. He read the script and knew he could do this part the best. To prepare for the role, he visited local poetry readings and studied countless poets. Nia Long, Isaiah Washington, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Bill Bellamy are also in this film. Larenz's latest move, "The Postman", starring Kevin Costner, was released on December 25, 1997.

Larenz is a very talented, young, and successful actor. In the past four years, he has had five major movies and had six guest appearances. In 1991, he was a regular on CBS's "Royal Family". He also worked on NBC's "New Attitude" and starred on Fox's drama series, "South Central". His movies are, "Menace II Society", "The Inkwell", "Dead Presidents", "Love Jones", and his latest movie, "The Postman". In my opinion "Love Jones" is Larenz's best movie so far. I also think Larenz is one of the most talented young actors of today. With all his talent and success, he should have another new movie out soon.

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