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King of Stage:


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Full name-Robert Barisford Brown
Astro Sign- Aquarius
Fav food- All kinds
Fave entertainer- Rick James

Bobby was born and raised in the projects of Boston, MA. He was born on Feb. 5, 1968. His brother Tommy Brown is his manager.

He is married to Whitney Houston. He has four kids-Bobbi Christina, Landon, Laprincia, and Robert Jr. His wife Whitney recently had a miscariage. Recently an article was printed in "Star" that Whitney was having an affair with Ralph Tresvant. This is TOTALLY false. That is in NO way true. It was just printed in a sleazy tabloid. I know from a crediable source that it's false.

He left New Edtion in 1987 to persue a solo career. He had a number of hits on three albums.

The Albums
1987- "King Of Stage"-MCA Records- hit "Girl Friend"
1988- "Don't Be Cruel"- MCA Records- hits "My Prerogative", and "Every Little Step"
1992-"Bobby"- MCA Records- hits "Get Away", "Humpin Around", "Good Enough"
1997-"Forever"-MCA Records-hit "Feenin"
He had many hits such as "Roni", "Don't Be Cruel", "Something in Common" (duet with Whitney Houston)

After the NE Home Again tour Bobby went to the studio and worked on his new album "Forever" although the album did not do as good as his others or he had hoped.

When Bobby left New Edition he did his first solo album "King of The Stage"
The first single on that album "Girl Friend"- was #1 on the national R&B charts.
In 1988 Bobby relased "Don't Be Cruel"- singles like "MY Perogative",and "Every Little Step" hit the #1 spot on billboard charts. The album sold over 8 million copies world wide.
In 1989 Bobby earned an Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance for his song "Every Little Step." He also won a Soul Train Music Award for R&B/Urban Contemporary Album of The Year (male).
1990 he won American Music Awards for his favorite Soul Album and favorite Male Pop Vocalist.
In 1992 his third solo album "Bobby" was released. It contained a duet with wife Whitney Houston- "Something In Common." The album "Bobby" had many hits such as "Humpin Around"', "Get Away", and "Good Enough."
Bobby has made appearences in movies such as Ghostbusters II, Panthers snd Bad Boys. Bobby is a big Elvis fan.

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