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Shae Shae's Omar Epps Fan Page

On July 20,1973, Omar Hashim Epps was born.

At 14-years-old he got his acting feet wet with a role in a short film called "The Green Flash" directed by Adam Davis. Go to the site and check it out. It's really interesting to see Omar getting his foot in the door.

Omar went on to star in his first motion picture at age 17, when he starred as 'Q' in the blockbuster hit "Juice", along side rapper/actor Tupac Shakur (RIP). He followed up with "The Program", "Major League II" and John Singleton's captivating drama "Higher Learning", just to name a few.

Omar made his television debut on the hit series, The Cosby Show. He points out that it was his television role as surgical resident Dr. Grant on ER that broke the gate open, and finally put the name with the face. Before that role, people were hearing his name, but couldn't place his face.

His many talents include being: an actor, writer, producer and director. In the past Omar has directed music videos for Heather B and Special Ed. He also wrote scripts for television development and has also negotiated a couple of scripts that he co-wrote.

Aside from acting, directing and sometimes modeling, this busy brother also raps. The group is called Wolfpack, which consists of himself and his cousin G-Sharp. In their earlier stages, Wolfpack came out with a single called "Dirty Dancin' Wit Wolves" (about 1991). They later released an album on Emotional Records back in the summer of 1996 which included a hot single called "Definition" (of a Man), but the album itself didn't get the attention it deserved.

Their label, Emotional Records, folded in '97 and no one had heard from Wolfpack since. But now Omar is trying to get his rap group back in the limelight, so keep ya ears open because Wolfpack is back in effect and is about to release their new music on Priority Records.

It was expressed that when the goup comes , they don't plan to come out with Omar's face attached. They don't want to ride off the fame he's acquired in Hollywood. He doesn't want the group to be judged before hand. But whatever the outcome, I'm sure it's going to be hot if Omar's involved!

With the success of his earlier work, Omar has become somewhat of a household name for many. His fans have come to expect his characters to have that laid-back, street smart demeanor that Omar has become so famous for on screen.

Future endeavors have Omar wanting to make movies all across the board. He doesn't seem to want to be cast into just another Black-film. He just wants to be cast in a good film.

Fortunately, Omar is highly respected as an actor. The movie, "Love and Basketball" got lots of positive feedback from viewers and critics.

"Love and Basketball" was a romantic drama that first premiered at the 2000 Sundance Festival. He played Quincy McCall, and he co-starred with his current girlfriend Sanaa Lathan, who played Monica Wright.

Gina (the director) had no idea that Omar and Sanaa were dating when she cast them. Neither of them had mentioned it. The lovebirds kept their relationship secret for the first few weeks of the shoot before coming clean.

Although Prince-Bythewood didn't know they were dating, she must have picked up on could sense the great on-screen chemistry and the fact that the two got along terrifically on and off camera.

Omar and his younger sister Aisha were raised by his mother (an elementary school principal) in Brooklyn, NY. Omar fine-tuned his natural talents (acting and knack for music) at the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts in New York. Later on, he attened engineering school. He also has a daughter named Alyanna Yasmine.

Right now Omar can be seen in the comedy "Big Trouble" alongside Heavy D as they play FBI agents who try to keep Miami out of 'trouble'. The movie and is a Touchstone Pictures film.

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