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From Clueless and Remember The Titans

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Born: June 22, 1974
Birth Place: New York, New York

A charming, attractive and especially likable young African-American performer, Donald Adeosun Faison made his breakthrough as Murray in the 1995 hit romantic comedy "Clueless" after successful supporting parts in grittier fare including the gang-themed dramas "Juice" (1992) and "New Jersey Drive" (1995). NYC born and bred, Faison was on the acting track early on, a veteran of the CityKids acting troupe and a graduate of LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts. An auspicious debut in "Juice" led to a role in the similarly hard-hitting Wesley Snipes starrer "Sugar Hill" in 1994. 5 1995 proved notable for Faison's career, appearing in two of the year's biggest box office hits, playing Loretta Devine's smart-aleck son in the female-focused ensemble drama "Waiting to Exhale" as well as taking a pivotal supporting role in "Clueless". His turn as the affable and somewhat goofy Murray in the latter, a Beverly Hills-set update of Jane Austen's "Emma" led to a regular role on the subsequent TV-series (ABC, 1996-97; UPN, 1997-99). In 1998, Faison had a recurring role on the ABC sitcom, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", playing a warlock and potential love interest of the high school conjurer in an interracial storyline that was refreshingly handled as a non-issue. That same year he had a cameo in the teen comedy "Can't Hardly Wait", playing the cowboy hat-clad drummer of a band entertaining high school graduation partygoers. 5 After a turn as a high school ladies' man in the 1999 comedy "Trippin'", Faison graduated to higher education parts, cast in a recurring role on the college drama "Felicity" (The WB). Here he played the sweet and sexy Tracy, the touchingly spiritual and frustratingly celibate boyfriend of Tangi Miller's tough-as-nails Elena. In 2000, the actor returned to the big screen and to high school, playing an athlete on a newly-integrated football team coached by a driven Denzel Washington in the 1970s-set drama "Remember the Titans".

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