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The Chameleon: A Don Cheadle Site

Actor. Writer. Director
Born in Kansas City, MO on 11.29.64
Education: California Institute of the Arts (BFA Fine Arts/Theater)
Significant Other: actress Bridget Clouter (Rosewood, Always Outnumbered)
Children: two daughters born 1995 & 1997 to Bridget Clouter
Resides: Los Angeles, CA

Don Cheadle's desire to act goes a long way back. His first official acting role was in an elementary school production of Charlotte's Web in which he played the role of Templeton the Rat. Even then he took his role very seriously, as he explained in a recent interview " I remember taking the mimeographed script pages, going to a donut shop, getting a donut and some milk and sitting there with a pencil going through the script. Ten years old and I was very serious." He was intent, he says, on discovering the rat's motivation. "I was thinking, Now why would Templeton want to eat the Slurpee at the fair and not the cotton candy?" The newly minted actor became hooked once he heard the applause of the doting parents in the audience.

A classically trained actor, Cheadle honed his craft at the prestigious California Insitute of the Arts, where he earned a Fine Arts degree. The diversified program exposed Cheadle to the various forms of dramatic art from stage and screen acting to directing and screenwriting.

Although he has appeared on various television shows, most movie audiences became aware of the hot young talent when he starred opposite Denzel Washington in the critically acclaimed film Devil in a Blue Dress. In the years that followed, Cheadle would prove himself with audiences again and again in films like Rosewood, Boogie Nights and most recently Traffic.

It was on the set of Rosewood that Cheadle met his current girlfriend and mother of his daughters, Bridget Clouter. The couple currently reside in Los Angeles.

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