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Black, mustachioed tap dancer extraordinaire of exceptional charm who made his professional debut at the age of five with his brother Maurice and was appearing on Broadway three years later. Hines was nominated for Tony Awards three years in a row for his work on Broadway in the musical revue "Eubie!" (1979, as Eubie Blake), for "Comin' Uptown" (1980) a black retelling of "A Christmas Carol" set in Harlem and "Sophisticated Ladies" (1981), a revue of Duke Ellington songs. In the 1980s, Hines began landing roles that exploited both his dancing and dramatic abilities. His more notable feature credits include Francis Ford Coppola's "The Cotton Club" (1984), "Tap" (1989), "Wolfen" (1981) and "A Rage in Harlem" (1991). 5 For the most part Hines was employed in these films as a debonair presence. He was more successful amidst the confusion of "The Cotton Club" than as an American communist within the anti-Soviet dullness of "White Nights" (1985). In the winningly cartoonish "A Rage in Harlem", Hines managed to inject lithe elegance into the thinly-scripted role of a 1950s criminal named Goldy. The following year, Hines also enjoyed a highly successful return to the Broadway stage in "Jelly's Last Jam", a musical biography of jazz great 'Jelly Roll' Morton. 5 Hines followed his Broadway success with "Renaissance Man" (1994), playing against type as an uncultured career Army officer opposite Danny De Vito's idealistic professor.

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