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Boasting a unique and undeniable vocal style backed bye unstoppable tracks, Shaggy has left a worldwide mark on popular music. Shaggy's international success began with the 1993 release of Pure Pleasure, his debut Virgin album. The album featured "Oh Carolina," which became one of the biggest hit singles in England's history. "Oh Carolina" also went on to top the pop charts in nine other countries. "There's nothing that lifts me up like seeing the audience smiling at one of my shows," Shaggy explains. Shaggy left them smiling all over Europe on his debut world tour in 1993; he also had the honor of being the first reggae artist to perform in post-Apartheid South Africa.

With the July 1995 release of Boombastic, Shaggy connected with the America audience in a big way. The album, which reached platinum status in the U.S. (and sold more than one million copies outside the U.S.), won the 1996 Grammy Award for "Best Reggae Album." Boombastic's platinum-certified title track shattered boundaries at radio, topping Billboard's Reggae, R&B and Rap charts. It also became the #1 selling single and hit #3 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart.

Shaggy's European success continued as "Boombastic" topped charts throughout the continent. Along with the smash hit "Boombastic," the album also featured a lively update of "Summertime," and brilliant version of the Ken Boothe classic "The Train Is Coming," featured in the action flick "Money Train."

In September of 1996, soon after finishing his globetrotting 95/96 world tour, Shaggy was back in the studio working on his brilliant new album, MIDNITE LOVER. "People are going to say that Boombastic is a classic album, that we're never going to top that," Shaggy laughs. "But I heard the same thing about Pure Pleasure, and we sure did beat it."

Recorded in Kingston, Jamaica and New York, MIDNITE LOVER has Shaggy breaking fresh vocal and instrumental ground. With Robert Livingston serving as the album's primary producer, the studio team included such reggae mavens as Sly & Robbie, Bulby & Fatta, writer/producer Dave Kelly and mixmaster Sting International. In addition, the same musicians who accompany Shaggy on his tours, including singers Brian & Tony Gold, backed him on MIDNITE LOVER.

MIDNITE LOVER features an outstanding remake of the classic "Piece Of My Heart," with the new discovery Marsha singing the choruses and Shaggy continuing the conversation on the verses; the unforgettable "My Dream," which is featured on the "Speed 2" soundtrack; the fun and sexy title track; "Tender Love," a soulful remake; and a moving remake of Bob Marley's timeless "Thank You Lord" with guest vocals by Ky-Mani Marley.

Though he has lived his entire adult life in America Shaggy's roots are in Kingston, Jamaica, where he was born Orville Richard Burrell on October 22, 1968. As a youth, his friends nicknamed his "Shaggy" after the omnivorous character from the cartoon "Scooby Doo." Leaving Jamaica at the age of 18 to join his mother in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Shaggy was soon pursuing a musical career.

Shaggy's career got its first major boost with the release of "Mampie" and "Big Up," both of which hit #1 on the New York reggae charts. The two singles were produced by Sting, who has remained part of Shaggy's production team.

After a difficult year of trying to find work, Shaggy joined the U.S. Marines in 1988. They sent him to the Gulf War, where he acquitted himself with honor. "The oil fields were burning and you couldn't see anything," Shaggy remembers. "When I got out I decided, 'This is it, I'm taking my music to the heights." Within a year, Shaggy had recorded his first smash "Oh Carolina."

It is this determination, combined with his skills and his love of music that brought Shaggy to global stardom. "I mostly write about relationships because I'm not here to preach," Shaggy explains. "My music is made to be enjoyed."


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